Sturgis Baptist Church


  620 N Adams Street, Sturgis Ky 42459

                       Sister Barbara & Bro. Joey Durham  


There are varying opinions as to what church and ministry is all about. Many feel that church is to "change with the culture" of our day. Many feel as though church should coincide with and allow the "values and whims" of the unsaved "seekers" in their community to dictate the atmosphere and objectives of the church services and ministry. Many feel that the church service should be a "jam session" of entertainers and performers to make people feel "pumped" and have an ecstatic, emotional experience. All of these varying opinions are popular in our culture today, but they are not what God has purposed for His Church and they are not what God uses to help His children grow Spiritually, help poor lost sinners see their need for salvation by God's grace and to come out from this ungodly world.

    Here at the Sturgis Baptist Church, we esteem the precious Word of God and for English speaking people, the Word of God is the Authorized King James Bible. We also exalt Jesus Christ above all and make the Lord Jesus preeminent in our worship and in our lives. From our traditional hymns of the faith, spiritual songs that are based on the truths of God's Word and the preaching straight from the Holy Word of God, it is our desire that you will experience the presence of God in our midst, because once you've experienced the presence of God and God speaks to your heart, you'll not be satisfied with the culture oriented, contemporary, superficial performances that does not have the capability to meet the Spiritual needs of your heart, your lifeyour family and most  all, your eternity.

    So if you are in the Union County, Kentucky area, we invite you to come and visit with us. It is my desire as Pastor, that you will be blessed and benefitted by meeting with God and enjoying the benefits that only meeting with God can bring to you and your family.

                                                                               Because of GRACE,

                                                                                Pastor Joey Durham